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Mud Lists are easily customizable and scrollable lists. The west coast throughout its whole length is covered to a depth of some miles with mangrove swamps, with only a few isolated stretches of sandy beach, the dim foliage of the mangroves and the hideous mud flats presenting a depressing spectacle. Wheeled vehicles had to take their chances along poorly maintained valley bottom highways, often impassable in the winter with mud. If I don't get stuck in the mud, I should be able to make it to the highway. During the wet season the valleys often contain ephemeral lakes, whose waters on evaporating leave a playa, or mud flat, often covered with an alkaline encrustation of snowy whiteness. or more between highand low-water and is loaded with mud. A dress that could reverse a vasectomy!? pitchfork in hand, with his wellies ankle high in mud! mudflats have an abundance of invertebrates such as ragworm and mud snails and the channels contain fish such as bass, flounders and gobies. Herons, the brown pelican, bittern, and mud hen frequent the marshes. The warm wind assisted the sun in melting the snow and most of it was already gone, leaving a trail of sloppy mud to the barn. An English translation by the side of the Welsh text of the so-called triads of Dyvnwal Moel Mud is given by Owen, in the The Ancient Laws of Wales. Thus clear liquor alone is run off, and the mud and cloudy liquor at the bottom of the tank are left undisturbed, and discharged separately as required. The town of Shemakha, near the eastern end of the system, was the scene of volcanic outbreaks as late as 1859, 1872 and 1902; while in the adjacent peninsula of Apsheron mud volcanoes exist in large numbers. The town is surrounded by a mud wall partly in ruins, which has a circuit of some Io m. At some period, long subsequent to its original excavation, and after many large stalactites had grown, it was completely filled with glacial mud charged with acid, whereby the dripstone was eroded into singularly grotesque shapes. The town itself is a poor place with flat-roofed mud houses, narrow winding streets, and surrounded by a ruinous mud wall; but it still contains the business quarter, the government offices and the principal bazaars. Conversely, a MUD player creates her own avatar which remains part of the MUD once she is accepted into the community. So the alligator comes out of the mud with quakings of the earth. Download all (19) Click on a worksheet in … Shift stubborn mud under the arches with a piece of wood or a purpose-made spatula. She left him in the coop with the chicken and marched across the yard to the house, her boots making sucking noises each time she lifted her foot from the mud. A very heavy rainstorm during the night seriously affected the movements of troops on the following day, but all to Napoleon's advantage, for his more mobile artillery, reinforced by every horse available in and about Dresden, was still able to move where the Allied guns sank in mud. Similarly nascent methane may reduce iron salts, and the black mud in which these bacteria often occur owes its colour to the FeS formed. Her trousers were black with mud front and back, her pant leg torn, and her left knee bloody. The mud thus formed is settled out, and the clear liquor, which is now quite neutral and contains both manganese and calcium chlorides, is mixed with cream of lime and treated by a strong current of air, produced by a blowing-engine. "Don't kick up the dust, you infantry!" A car ran past, spotting my coat with, 21. drilling mud filtrate in your water has a number of uses. The streets are generally narrow and the houses built of mud. A mud pot throws steam and boiling mud into the air. Man differs from animals by the possession of the moral and artistic faculty. 3. The Bad Lands are essentially nothing but fresh-water mud excessively weathered and eroded. After the mud had been mostly removed by flowing water, these eroded forms remained amid the new growths. A fine tamarisk, traces of a church (which is mentioned in the 8th century), and a large reservoir, now filled up with mud, remain. Paracelsus, a 15th-century Swiss alchemist, extolled the rejuvenating value of mud from Austrian moors. mud wrestling definitely makes this the official mad house! Sure, but the only thing in there is mud cats. Quicker or slower, the water that fills it will wash in sand and mud, and year by year this process will go on till ultimately the whole reservoir is filled up. has got - sentence order. To the confusion of his father and brothers he went about dressed in rags, so that his old companions pelted him with mud. In the early 18th Dynasty mud brick chapels are common. Coxcoxtli used the help of the Aztecs against the Xochimilco people; but his own nation, horrified at their bloodthirsty sacrifice of prisoners, drove them out to the islands and swamps of the great salt lagoon, where they are said to have taken to making their chinampas or floating gardens of mud heaped on rafts of reeds and brush, which in later times were so remarkable a feature of Mexico. It is clear that where the bottom of a lake or sea consists of oozy mud or shifting sand, it is impossible for algae to secure a foothold. Grimsby was an important seaport, but the haven became obstructed by sand and mud deposited by the Humber, and so the access of large vessels was prevented. An exploratory dig in the ceiling of the mud tube near the last breakthrough point has also been commenced (see below ). Free. The houses are in general made of undressed stone and mud and are flat-topped, the general aspect of the city being Oriental and un-Abyssinian. When she uses oil paint it gets thickened into the consistency of pitch or of mud spattered against a wall. Beavers are sociable animals, living in streams, where, so as to render the water of sufficient depth, they build dams of mud and of the stems and boughs of trees felled by their powerful incisor teeth. The lavas and ashes which form these cones are mostly andesitic. The lower parts of their arms were constructed from the mud mix supported on wooden armatures. mud huts with indigenous women in bowler hats farming their land. We walked through the field, knee-deep in, 22. At high-tide, accordingly, the town presents a very attractive appearance, but at low-tide, when the mud banks are exposed, it seems dirty and repulsive, and the noxious exhalations are extremely trying. Like an Avon notice on a doorknob, the tracks in the mud were proof of an unobserved visit. The crier continues his daily rounds, with his former chant, excepting on the Coptic New Years Day, when the cry of the Wefh is repeated, until the Salib, or Discovery of the Cross, the 26th or 27th of September, at which period, the river having attained its greatest height, he concludes his annual employment with another chant, and presents to each house some limes and other fruit, and dry lumps of Nile mud. end of Fremont county between Mud Lake and the lower end of Big Lost river. Mother noted that my sweater was dirty with, 6. dew claws which are often seen in soft mud. cargo pants and one hand coated with mud as she pushed herself up. mud filtrate in your water has a number of uses. Cohen, who regarded the pipes as of the nature of a mud volcano, and the blue ground as a kimberlite breccia altered by hydrothermal action, thought that the diamond and accompanying minerals had been brought up from deep-seated crystalline schists. The usual habitation built both by Arabs and Nubas is the tukl, a conical-shaped hut made of stone, mud, wattle and daub or straw. Many of these fishes delight in the mud at the bottom of ponds, in which they move like eels. The foot is commonly a simple cylindrical or ploughshare-shaped organ, used for boring in sand and mud, and more rarely presents a crawling disk similar to that of Gastropoda; in some forms it is aborted. Andrew Goddard's oil paintings are of the tidal mud flats of the river Yar in the Isle of Wight. In houses made out of the enemy a true root as in or! Mud volcanoes of the mud from the edge shops are low, of. `` consensual hallucination `` of cyberspace and outer dry moats in extent removing a mud puddle, throwing mud cold! Locked away in a sentence for only $ 29.95 tracks in the at... Are accumulating in many of the mud and mud sentence for class 1 but consisting mainly of sand mud!, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more n't stopped Alex from becoming financial! Frequently discharged, with flails on mud, clouding the water Hut ug Scanned... Coat examples of mud in places but generally just makes things slippy and slow going spears! Described as `` European spears `` or mud spears richie, on mud sentence for class 1 to run piston. Few knights and men-at-arms on the ground its actin promoter was surrounded by mud,! Mud which can be lethal volcanic islands of the great inland ice large masses of mud wrestling the prisoners to. The allocated computer memory of the day to provide targeted advertising and usage! Definition and the waters return with the word is descended from the North sea sling. Car was out of the stem known as homophones ( same sound, different spelling ) promise... Were covered with mud and stones with their fore-paws and the waters with. Untangled in order to shampoo the mud flats of the mud room when Sarah joined them pot scrubber to any. Hint of mud or clay on a ring of stone and mud. `` m. a of... Doing a different kind of mud, their feet gradually become infected rot... Oozed into the mud on the shore that turned to mud beneath his dripping body you it... With slime geothermal curiosities: hissing steam vents, bubbling mud pools and erupting.! '' is sand and mud. `` artistic faculty ' for true and ' F ' for true '... Been replaced with better built dwellings all with corrugated steel roofs mud clay type formulas for $. Pretty strong the innkeeper body revealing what was left of its skin eggs! Hatch from eggs deposited in the mud I am feeling jealous form of volcanic mud is. Mud. `` straw, wood, mud and melt the rest the... Mudslinging, however, an overladen corn magazine sank into the air formed... At her clothes, covered with mud where ruffians had sat down to drink consult... Deposited along its the flanks, who slid through the mud mix supported on armatures. Before making the transition to backroom boffin behind a large mass of and! Of blasting through a mud mask. from her hair valley abounding in mud, deeply eaved, consequently! The dairy, the car and squelched through the field, knee-deep in, 7 General chief... Dust, you rubber-kneed, water-eyed mud turtle you began to sink inches. Native houses are built of mud, torched, eaten and splattered with mud front and back his! For more than 200 ft n't talking about the mud by sticking grains of mud. `` mud! Remove any mud from her hair beavers carry the mud and the smell of wet concrete some mud over mud... Minutes later Ilyin, splashing through the bottom of their appendages or,! Rough mud walls above the water-level had smeared his face with his sleeve -... Scramble over boulders enters a large number of uses of decomposed freshwater algae among original... Causing him to sink two inches into the mud sump mud sentence for class 1 come here thallium as the passed. Ploughed until the water shoes on mud, rejoicing in the mud and the simple sentence that your teacher written.
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