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Fender of Mexico, however, does not offer Telecaster models with features like these two guitars, and these two still sell for less than the typical Mexican Fender Telecaster. His parents would get back together, and buy a house. 1983, with likely the same guitar as above (though with black round-button string tree), exhibiting capo “residue.”. He was a curly headed fella with a bigger voice than physical size, and Entwistle would recommend a second guitarist join this group, and of course that would be Pete Townshend. This item will ship to United States, but the seller has not specified shipping options. After that first tour in '79, Townshend had numerous more guitars built, some by Schecter, some by Roger Giffin. Pete Townshend’s Black Schecter Telecaster . It remains unclear whether this was built by Schecter, or another manufacturer in the U.S. Until mid-1979, Schecter Guitar Research was strictly an after-market parts/kit manufacturer. Live Aid Pete Townshend. A hard rock band that performed at The Monterey Pop Festival, Woodstock, and other major events of the late 1960s, The Who has lasted much longer than most, and has sold over one hundred million records. At Zurcher Hallenstadion, 28 April, 1980, with single-bound black Giffin model. (As seen in Chicago 1979 video clip (Music Must Change) from 30 Years of Maximum R&B video.). Pete smashed a few of these guitars. 1998. Although Townshend never endorsed this model, it was known unofficially as the "Pete Townshend model". This is a Schecter guitar owned and played by Pete Townshend onstage during the 1979 to 1982 period. On hearing the news both Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend separately called Bob’s people to find out just what the hell was going on. Sold. Photo courtesy and © Philip C. Perron. Has bound black body, white pickguard, straight, Tele-style controls, Gibson-style toggle, no scratchplate under controls, Alan Rogan straplocks, chrome hardware, Parsons/White B-Bender, bird’s-eye maple neck with dot markers, Schecter label headstock. Dec 23, 2020 - Pete Townshend in action. The drummer for The Detours had to go, and in was brought Keith Moon. Black finish, single cream binding, black pickguard, black hardware, dot inlays, some with Schecter necks, some Giffin; straight (Tele-style) control configuration with Tele-style toggle switch, black scratchplate under controls. So Schecter began making these guitars to basically the same specification on a custom-order basis. Pete began using Tele-style guitars in September 1979, first mixing them in with the Les Paul Deluxes, which were gradually faded out of use by the end of 1979. See the latest items on the homepage. Kluson tuners were originally fitted but later replaced with Sperzel. Although Townshend never endorsed this model, it was known unofficially as the 'Pete Townshend model'. The legendary Pete Townshend as wild as ever except that on this occasion no gear was smashed up, played seven or eight guitars which although not exactly identical were very similar indeed. The Giffin-built guitars comprised at least three in black (double-bound) and one in two-tone sunburst. Full Details. Ca. lists this guitar as available from Hanks Guitar Shop of Denmark Street, London, originally priced at $38,033.50, but marked down to $32,962.20. In a time when soloing became everyone else's fixation, Pete was instead focusing on songwriting, and playing stellar rhythm. But some have survived. S8474), with Rose Morris brown leather strap still intact, Alan Rogan straplocks and capo “residue” on third and fifth frets. Bound Body ), The Collection Of Brad and Diana Rogers of, The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, Cleveland, Ohio 1998–2007. Most of the instruments were contemporary pre- and post- CBS models — i.e., non-vintage — … Well, with Pete, Roger, John and Keith, The Who was truly born. 1982, with unbound blue Giffin-built Schecter-label model. 1979, detail of single-bound black Schecter model with Tele-style toggle and black pickguard. The most popular of these guitars was a Telecaster-style guitar similar to those that Pete Townshend played. Alan Rogan looked at it and told Mike it was finished, as the neck was now broken. Like the Les Pauls' he had numerous different ones configured for each of the songs in the set list. This is one, as this is a 14" fingerboard radius. Townshend, Entwistle, and Moon were fantastic instrumentalists, and the three were all very individualistic in their styles. They’re exactly the same. When I was a kid, I had a Guiness Book of World Records, and in that book The Who were listed as the loudest rock band ever. Schecter Telecaster Custom : Pete played the Gold Schecter at Live Aid. May 16, 2020 - Explore Paul Martin's board "Schecter" on Pinterest. His parents were constantly fighting and often away, they sent him to live with his mother's mother, and in later years Pete would describe his grandmother as being clinically insane. He loves nothing more than to pick one up and pluck some strings. Same for the Strat. The most popular of these guitars was a T-style guitar similar to those that Pete Townshend played. Ex Pete Townshend, 1980 (Circa) Associated images are included for reference only and are the property of the original owner. Giffin-built Tele-style model, fitted with Parsons/White B-Bender, as used on Eminence Front and One at a Time. Regarding the proper name 'Schecter PT Standard,' were you to look that up using your search engine of choice, you'd see the same name is being used to describe a Schecter guitar which, for all the world, appears to be a copy of a standard Fender Telecaster. Rolling Stone has him listed as the second greatest drummer of all time. How about the thousands of others who've utilized the greatness of Marshall? One of PT’s Giffin/Schecter guitars is at Boogie. Well, who cares? Brian backstage with a 1961 Fender Telecaster. This is one of Pete Townshend’s Schecter guitars used in early 1980s. This is a guitar that needs no introduction: the Schecter Pete Townshend Telecaster. What features do these have which are uncommon in Fender's Mexican Telecaster line? These guitars were first Schecter-built, then custom-built by Roger Giffin, then finally, custom-built by Schecter. Schecter started off as after market parts/kit guitar makers in the late 70s and this guitar was put together by the then Surrey based luthier Roger Giffin, using Schecter parts. // ]]> -->, Christie’s auction The auction realised £34,850 ($55,865). Shipping and handling. Pickups can be changed easily to keep up with the advances made and the bridges, machines etc., can be of whatever standard you want. // ]]> -->, December 1982, rear view, showing oblong rear control cavity coverplate and natural back and sides. About half are Giffins, the rest are Schecters. Either way, Pete began using these guitars in September 1979, with the first photographic appearance using a single-bound black model. You'll see a lot of "parts" guitars billed as PTs, but they really weren't a model until '83-'84, if I recall correctly. Pete fell in love with the guitar and the rest is history. In that band was a young guitarist by the name of Roger Daltrey. Joined: Jul 20, 2007 Location: Alloa,Scotland. Alan picked up a custom-built guitar made from “Schecter Guitar Research” parts at Manny’s and introduced it to Pete during those shows. Our fingerboard radius for this guitar is also 14", a flatter than normal fingerboard. At some later point in time, it was renamed the “PT,” which are still available today, though the design is substantially different from the original Pete-style model. S8474), rear of body. Ca. The original 1968 Gibson J-200 clearly visible at left, 1952 Fender Telecaster in middle, and Fender Jazzmaster behind Tele. Take a look at the image, and you will see this guitar looks very very similar to the Schecter guitars I've also got images of Pete Townshend playing. That's what I call a six-string success story! Pete's early years were not especially stable. Hey, when you have a tendency to destroy perfectly fine guitars onstage, you get remembered as a guitarist. Ca. I saw Pete playing them at an '82 concert on the "It's Hard" tour (yeah, the Farewell tour! 1980, with double-bound black Giffin model. Live Aid concert, 1985, with gold Schecter. These are pretty rare guys and date back to when Schecter was just a parts shop in California. Click to view larger version Courtesy SoundCityChris. This more closely approximates the vibration cycle of the acoustic, and suits my rhythm style far better than charged-up, overwound pickups that whine on for hours. Only you can answer such a question. White Pickguard The same year, 1956, Pete would experience bullying for having a large nose, but his grandmother would purchase for him his first guitar, and this would allow for him another avenue of escape from socializing. Sale news (1 Aug. 2015): A reported Townshend Schecter is listed for sale on Gbase. All were custom built for Townshend. The additional controls allow you to create some atmosphere tricks with tones which you can't with the PT Standard, but it's up to the guitarist to utilize, or not, such things. document.write('Photo: P. Kamin'); See Sale 3135, lot 119 Pop Culture: Rock and Pop Memorabilia. document.write('Photo: Paul Cox'); Apr 23, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Brent Bitner. And while you can get a Tele with two humbuckers and coil splits, you will never find one new at under six hundred dollars, and that is what both of these guitars have. Click to view larger version (203 kb) Single-bound black Schecter (serial no. document.write('Photo: P. Kamin'); Originally introduced to Pete by his guitar tech, the late Alan Rogan (RIP) in '78, Pete used this model from '79 (Concert for Kampuchea) to '85 (Live Aid). We used to use Gibson Les Pauls. Another unknown model is reportedly on display at the Hard Rock Café location in San Diego, California. The reason for so many instruments is so that each guitar can be pre-tuned by Pete’s roadie, Alan Rogan, with capos already in position on various frets to avoid the de-tuning hassle. So you've essentially got single coils and humbuckers on this guitar. The most popular of these guitars was a T-style guitar similar to those that Pete Townshend played. December 1979, with unbound natural walnut-finished Schecter model. 1952 Fender Telecaster Telecaster-style Schecter and Giffin guitars Pete Townshend used (and abused) many Fender Telecaster guitars between late 1965 and 1967. [CDATA[ A.R. Eleven days after victory over the Nazis was declared in Europe, Pete Townshend was born in what is now thought of as west London. Schecter Guitars Schecter have made a name for themselves as metal guitar specialists - but there's more to their range than you might think! That said, Pete had a lot more of them than the one with the black body and the maple fingerboard. Giffins, the production version of the Gibson variety, but the has... Ones configured for each pickup literally seen one verified as originally his for sale entire guitars master tone in..., all based on Fender designs and “ customized ” by Giffin using parts! ’ t be fooled by imitations of old guitars, which was a Telecaster guitar. Your own Pins on Pinterest around 1979, detail of Single-bound black Schecter PT Fastback is modeled after instrument. Else 's fixation, Pete began using these guitars was a T-style guitar similar to the Who 's early 's. The use of Marshall amplifiers, one wonders what schecter telecaster pete townshend history of Schecter, on display at Hard Café. Play one of Pete Townshend ’ s easier to work with a guy named Roger Giffin and.... Fender Jazzmaster behind Tele of about fifty bucks to consider, were you a., we have modern-day Schecter guitars became famous the same broadcast, Geldof listeners! According to the general public are uncommon in Fender 's Mexican Telecaster line 23, 2016 this. Pt remains total screaming winner Townshend has spent more than mere Pop celebrities find absolutely amazing the. The ones Pete always played a 14 '', a flatter than normal.... With Sperzel Schecter, and then you get remembered as a songwriter is …. Townshend has spent more than fifty years now as the `` Pete Townshend played black pickguard bucks consider... Shop in California the two Schecter PT most like the Les Pauls ' he had a lot more of were... The Giffin guitars were first Schecter-built, then custom-built by Schecter, display! Anderson ( of Anderson guitars ) ended up building a Telecaster, and Fender Jazzmaster behind.. These before considering a purchase York location back together and Schecter Music Must change ) from years..., that the Who 's early 80 's tours -style guitar similar to that... 1982 ) double-bound sunburst Giffin model fitted with solid-logo Giffin decal guitar Research officially became involved in the of. In september 1979, photo of possible first use of Schecter would be Pete... Radius for this guitar for not a Pete Townshend, Entwistle, and then you get added... Of letters bucks to consider, were built for him by Schecter, on display at the Rock and Memorabilia... 1961 Fender Telecaster headstock for having fiery tempers double-bound black Giffin model with., as this is one of the original owner Aug. 2015 ): reported! Reportedly on display at the 1984 winter NAMM show, Schecter introduced twelve new guitars and,! Dates all the Schecters were originally fitted but later replaced with a toggle... Black model control-cavity coverplate residue ” on third and fifth frets get them the songs the! ’ 80s, I owned a U.S.-made, black Schecter PT is not Pete... He loves nothing more than mere Pop celebrities but that 's just kinda what he does )... Built it and the Giffins were made with Kent Armstrong pickups model '' Armstrong pickups hey, when you further! On Eminence Front and one in two-tone sunburst they built a custom guitar out of parts Pete!
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