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iphoneOnline TCWM Music Iphone App Now Available! No Downloading!
1. Go to this link TCWMPHONE on your Iphone’s Browser (Safari).
2. Click the icon addhomescreen icon on the bottom of the browser screen.
3. Click the option “Add to Home Screen”.
4. Name it what you’d like, add and wala you have TCWM’s Radio App!
5. Listen to some awesome worship music!
(Works best viewed in widescreen position on Iphone – resizing browser may hide the player- just tap where it says to refresh player bar.)

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18 thoughts on “Web Radio

  1. LOVE IT MARK!!!! So nice to put headset on while I am working and hear sweet awesome worship that we all created. The transition between songs is flawless and the quality is as any radio station I have listened to ….. awesome job! This will definitely bring more members to our Songwriters Group. Thank you for making this a possibility for all the worshipers.

  2. Mark, once again I am amazed. TCWM truly has God’s hand upon it and this new Internet radio station has awesome potential. I love the various styles of the artist and the mix.

  3. TCWM is a wonderful place and this radio station is stellar!! God is so awesome all the time. Each one of these musicians bless me so much ..such talent and using it all for the glory of GOD!!

  4. Mark, the quality is great and the level of music makes me proud to be a part of this ministry. Awesome job guys and I am looking forward to playing again.

  5. Very nice! I have my ear piece on while I am working and listening to some sweet worship music. Sounds like it is a live session at The Cross and I love it.

  6. It is a blessing to hear these voices who worship our Lord God. Thank you for this ministry. It touches my heart and I pray when this site is shared it will bless many!

  7. How this station is blessing me as I sit and listen preparing fo my work day. The music allows me a chance to worship Him and be more ready to serve Him out in this world everyday!!! Great work putting this station together, thank you!

  8. Very smooth easy listening. peace-filled worship! Love it! God is exalted. I’ll be listening alot. Bless you guys.

  9. Awesome music this morning. Blessed me so much. ‘Pour Out Your Spirit Lord’, Let It Reign… incredible Flutes and ambiance. Thanks Guys. God bless you and may the Anointing Oil continue to flow through your giftings.

  10. Who is this new artist that I just listened to singing, “My Soul Waits?” Could this be Mary Beth Hough? Wow!! Love it!!!

    Thanks Mark!!! Thanks for blessing us this day. Sending blessings to you, Linda and The Cross Worship Ministry, your way,
    Mary Beth’s mother, Donna

  11. Loving to just soak and worship with TCWM internet radio! Thanks so much for this GIFT! It’s making my personal worship time so much deeper and more precious, providing an effortless musical background to prayer, musing, meditation on the Word and worship….

  12. What an honor it is, just to be a part of The Cross! Mark, and Linda, You are such an inspiration to me, How wonderful it is to Worship in such an atmosphere, where God alone is the audience! I always feel closer to God, at The Cross! ~Thanks, Ricky.

  13. Thank you TCWM. You’re a blessing to our lives and you keep getting better. Praise God!!! Praise His holy name!!!!

  14. The music and Word were awesome last Saturday night at the Awakening Church in Woodstock!! Mark & Linda we just want to express our heartfelt gratitude to you both and to all the band members. Not only are you excellent musicians but your music is heartfelt. And, your just really nice!! We have met some precious people at The Cross. I’m just thankful to be among this family of believers.
    Most sincerely, Donna

  15. Thank you for the music that is to worship the Lord. It helps me when I feel week and not worthy of His love. God Bless!!!

  16. I really do miss my worship set at The Cross each week. However, I am so happy that as I sit here working in the office at my desk that TCWM worship is playing as I look at these B-O-R-I-N-G reports :-) I will always say this is the best thing ever. Love you guys much!!! See you when I can. vyo

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