The control associated to this field is a text box that allows users to edit a single line of plain text. when it is not in the document), it is immutable. Within a group, only one radio button can be checked. Definition and Usage. The input element, having the "radio" value in its type attribute, represents an option that belongs to a group in which no more than one option can be selected at the same time. Radio buttons with different names belong to different groups. The name attribute is used to name things, not to access them. The name attribute is a required attribute of the operation element. We can check if an element contains a specific class attribute value. 24, May 19. Syntax: ... name Attribute. The following is an example of the name attribute as it is used in the operation element: Example: if step="3", legal numbers could be -3, 0, 3, 6, etc. Description. As the name suggests, this attribute sets the interval of an input element. The data is packaged as a series of name-value pairs. The step Attribute. created a value attribute with the word focus; Then we linked the file to out ... have two input elements. : type: string: Returns / Sets the element's type attribute, indicating the type of control to display. So if we want to find that element by id, it should return one element. How to Select an Element by Name in jQuery. But if you want, as I did when I found this question, a list with all the input names of a specific class (in my example a list with the names of all unchecked checkboxes with .selectable-checkbox class) you could do something like: It is used to reference the form-data after submitting the form or to reference the element in a JavaScript. The name attribute is probably the most important attribute of the element. for the Date state, but not the Checkbox state) make an input element immutable. rows and cols attributes to allow you to specify an exact size for the