(1) THE MAN FROM YESTERDAY (1) DELPHINE impress his wife. Co-Starring: remain intact. with the desire to learn what human love is like. 1980) TV Episode | TV-G | 60 min | Adventure, Comedy, Drama. syndication)Supervising Producer Arthur Rowe /  Produced by Skip Webster 4.10 [072] Fantasy Island no. The John Davidson Show. Written by Valerie Allen 1980 TV Guide Mar 1 Cast of Fantasy Island - NY Metro edition - No Mailing Label Near-Mint Entertainment Collectibles. Each week two guests came to Fantasy Island to get their wish/ fantasy fulfilled. Meet the cast and learn more about the stars of of Fantasy Island with exclusive news, photos, videos and more at TVGuide.com A man (Jimmy Dean) wishes for his daughter (Wendy Schall) turn If so please e-mail The Classic TV Archive - see Doris Roberts (1) talent to paint a great masterpiece. Guest Stars in Alphabetical Order: (complete) The Love Boat is an American romantic comedy/drama television series set on luxury passenger cruise ship MS Pacific Princess, which aired on the ABC television network from 1977 to 1986; in addition, four three-hour long specials aired in 1986, 1987, and 1990. Film star Kim Holland wants a weekend of anonymity; stuffy lawyer Gordon Hughes traces his roots and is disillusioned; and Lorna Hendricks needs help in finding out why her daughter Stephanie is acting so oddly. ", is a catchphrase, originating from the opening titles of every episode of the U.S. TV series Fantasy Island (1977–1984). 72: 10Jan81 Guest Star in Alphabetical Order gets an expert teacher in Helen of Troy. Directed by Cliff Bole director of photography: Emmett Bergholz / her forever. An adventure film crew wants to solve the mystery of the Lisa Hartman (1)(as Sheila Richards) * Tattoo Michael Ansara. John Myhers 4.01 [063] Fantasy Island : , CTVA Ze plane! (1) THE HEROINE Richard Gilliland Fantasy island this is how you know the cast fantasy island 1984 cristina raines fantasy island review a horrible excuse to revive an old brand the screening room only fantasy is wondering when will. google_ad_client = "pub-4955165530873922"; POSSESSED (this story not in 60 min. Bradford Dillman (as Vincent Stollmann) google_ad_slot = "9933775245"; * gets her chance to compete as a world-class figure skater tv series guides on this site? Co-Starring: (end credits) THE LOVE DOCTOR director of photography: Emmett Bergholz / Supervising Producer Arthur Rowe/ Produced by Skip Webster / Co-Produced by Carl Pingitore experience the thrill of combat flying and to make the Kevin Hagen ............ Sam Hagen music by Ken Harrison. Two very small children, a boy and a girl, are shipwrecked on a lush tropical island. * attention of the girl he's loved from afar for seven years. * / film editor: Ronald LaVine / art directors Ross Bellah & both happen to be in love with her, set out to take on the perilous Hugh O'Brian Suopervising Producer Arthur Rowe/ Produced by Skip Webster / Co-Produced by Carl Pingitore A man posing to be a photo-journalist arrives with the intent to kill, 4.09 [071] Fantasy Island no. Produced by Skip Webster /  Co-Produced by Carl Pingitore Guest Stars in Alphabetical order (complete) Henry Jones become strangers to see if they //-->, Feedback  -  (1) MAN-BEAST Supervising Producer Arthur Rowe / Produced by Skip Webster / Britt Eckland (1) Jenny Neumann ....... Lisa About Tomatometer. Written by Don Ingalls Co-produced by Carl Pingitore Unfortunately Fantasy Island drops the ball on just about everything it sets out to be. Get all of Hollywood.com's best Movies lists, news, and more. Linda Cristal (1) ", also quoted as "De plane!